Improve your child’s confidence in maths.


Improve your child’s confidence in maths.


1,000’s of micro-lessons, from counting numbers to advanced calculus, created by world-leading maths experts.

A learning pathway unique to your child’s needs.

Your child will quickly develop greater confidence in maths and a deeper understanding of key concepts.

TUTOR. It’s a better way to learn maths! 

Greater maths confidence from day one

Your child is recommended a learning pathway specific to their own needs

Always learning at the right level

Computer wizardry makes sure your child always only studies concepts appropriate for their level

Easy to support your child’s progress

An activity dashboard so that you can see your child’s progress 24-7 and encourage them

Trusted by 100,000s of happy TUTOR families learning maths the right way

“[TUTOR] is really bringing on her confidence, so I’m not looking for a tutor anymore”.

Natalie, parent of daughter struggling with maths confidence

“It is really easy for her to use… Would thoroughly recommend this to all parents, it is so easy to support their child with their learning.”

Ros, mother of one

TUTOR is really, really good”.

Greg, father of two

“Much more helpful [than other maths apps] as I can pick any subject, and have it explained to me in detail, so I know what I am learning about.”

Bethany, Year 5

TUTOR is a teacher effectively, doing a mini-lesson…bespoke to that [child]...” 

Steve Davis, Hub Director, Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust

Maths experts + learning science
= confidence growing from day one

Our world-leading maths experts mapped the 2,000 concepts required to master the entire curriculum, from Years 1 to 13.

TUTOR identifies weaknesses and gaps in your child’s learning and recommends a personal learning pathway of micro-lessons.

Each interactive micro-lesson takes 15-20mins to complete, and is structured based on best-practice learning science.

Clearly explained instructional videos, step-by-step worked example problems and a quiz to check the new concept has been fully understood.

Motivational badges and awards for successful progress.

Plus, a daily Memory Boost quiz to deepen learning.

Choose specific topics to review, such as algebra, or revision courses for Foundation or Higher GCSE and A Level.

Everything your child needs. Great value for money.

  • All the expert instruction and practice of key topics required to pass: GCSE Foundation, GCSE Higher and A Level maths.

    Only £19.99.

  • Our learning model makes learning easy. Full coverage of the national curriculum. Suitable for children preparing for AQA, Edexcel or OCR maths exams and Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). Plus, a dedicated parent app.

  • Flexible monthly subscription, so you can cancel at any time. Unlimited 24-7 access to 1,000s of engaging and interactive micro-lessons. Plus, a dedicated parent app.

    Only £12 a month.

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