Transforming Mathematics Education at Bank View School


Bank View School, a specialised institution catering to students with diverse learning needs, embarked on a journey to revolutionise its mathematics education using and platforms. This case study explores the school's experience, the challenges faced, and the remarkable outcomes achieved through the adoption of these innovative platforms.


Before integrating Complete Mathematics, the school initially implemented CLASSROOM and TUTOR for a select group of students. Peter Kennedy, Maths Lead for the school, shares that the primary goal was to enhance assessment accuracy and alleviate teacher workload. He was originally drawn to the CLASSROOM platform as it provided online assessments that revealed students' strengths and weaknesses, aligning with GCSE standards. "The reason for Complete Maths was that we wanted to be able to measure people's assessment really successfully and reduce teacher workload." Peter, having prior experience with Complete Mathematics in a different context , recognized the potential benefits for Bank View School.

Platform Integration and Implementation

The decision to adopt Complete Mathematics was driven by the desire for streamlined assessments and improved teacher planning. CLASSROOM offered online assessments, which meant it was accessible for everyone and it aided in measuring cumulative progress and identifying individual students' needs. The platform's compatibility with the school's curriculum and the ability to link it with resources from White Rose were additional factors that influenced the decision. "Everything's online. It reduces the teacher workload, and for me, it's like this overall perfect thing that gives you assurance to your study and analyses it without having to do anything."
TUTOR, initially used as an intervention tool for Year 11 GCSE students, evolved into a comprehensive homework solution for all students. "TUTOR is used to extend work in GCSE for the more able students. It is more focused on specific cohorts, but the offer is there for everyone." Peter Kennedy explains how TUTOR became an integral part of the school's homework strategy, offering accessibility to all students and contributing to the cumulative progress tracking.

Positive Impacts

The implementation of Complete Mathematics brought forth several positive impacts. Peter Kennedy emphasises the reduction in teacher workload, highlighting the convenience of all the online resources, assessments, and the seamless integration with the school's timetable. The platforms' ability to provide a realistic grade for students, reflecting their current level of understanding, stood out as a significant advantage. “The fact that stage is listed and not specifically years is really nice and a good connotation as well - they don’t lose interest or motivation needing to do work from earlier gaps.”
One of the standout successes was the data-driven progress achieved through Complete Mathematics. The school conducted assessments at the end of the year, revealing a high percentage of students achieving grades one and two in GCSE. This data provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of the system and validated the decision to integrate Complete Mathematics.

Feedback and Recommendations

The feedback from teachers and students has been positive, with the platforms offering a structured and routine-based approach to assessments. Peter said he recommends Complete Mathematics, especially for schools with special educational needs, emphasising the inclusivity and adaptability of the platforms.

Customer Support and Future Expectations

Customer support from Complete Mathematics is commended, with quick response times and effective assistance. The school recognizes the continuous improvement of the platform and suggests enhancements in the availability of resources to further support teachers in diverse contexts.


Bank View School's experience with Complete Mathematics showcases the transformative impact of TUTOR and CLASSROOM platforms on mathematics education. The platforms have proven to be versatile, adaptive, and effective in meeting the unique needs of students with diverse learning requirements. As Complete Mathematics continues to evolve, it stands as a valuable tool for educators seeking innovative solutions to enhance teaching and learning experiences in mathematics.