Mathematics at your fingertips

Everything you need to teach, learn and assess mathematics

Mathematics at your fingertips

Everything you need to teach, learn and assess mathematics

“If you're only ever going to buy one thing... it's this”

If you're only ever going to buy one thing... it's this”

Fiona Wilmot, Head of Maths - Bewdley School

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Conceptual Understanding

At the Board Examples

Communicating new ideas to pupils is best achieved when teachers are able to thoroughly explore examples together with the class. In Complete Mathematics, teachers will find every single lesson is supported with examples and answers to use at the board. Dynamic examples give unlimited scope for discussing the mathematical features of new concepts.

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Procedural Fluency

Unlimited Dynamic Quizzes

Because our content is algorithm driven, teachers and pupils have unlimited content at their fingertips. Dynamic content appears across the Complete Mathematics platform for use in quizzes and activities set by the teacher or independently generated and explored by the pupil.

Long Term Memory

Intelligently Varied Practice

As experts in the very latest cognitive science, we use learning design features that best promote long term memory. Once pupils have attained fluency with a technique, they can make further gains by undertaking carefully designed activities. Our content algorithms create a perfect blend of questions designed to reveal underlying mathematical relationships.

4x 2 - x - 3 = (4x + 3)(x - 1) 4x 2 + 3x = (4x + 3)x 4x 2 - 9x - 9 = (4x + 3)(x - 3) 4x 2 - 5x - 6 = (4x + 3)(x - 2)

A Schema not just a Scheme

A Complete Mastery Curriculum for All Age Groups

Learning is not linear. Unlike other schemes, the Complete Mathematics curriculum is based on a full network of interconnected mathematical ideas - it is multidimensional, not just a simple linear progression. Our curriculum has been designed by a large team of experts over the last 15 years. It continues to evolve and grow with powerful AI and machine learning insight ensuring the complex web of ideas is arranged for optimum pupil learning.

And much more...

Comprehensive Pupil Platform

Pupils can log in to their own, mobile-friendly, platform to take quizzes, view results, see lesson overviews, keep a learning diary and explore the entire curriculum.

Whole School Analytics

Compare assessment data over time across classes, school years, and pupil characteristics such as gender, age or special needs.

Enhanced Times Tables App

Our publicly available times table app has enhanced progression and tracking features inside the Complete Maths platform.

User Resource Library

Thousands of user resources, carefully tagged to specific granules of the curriculum, are shared and available on the platform.

Diagnostic Quizzes

Quickly diagnose gaps in a pupil's learning with the easy to use, powerful bespoke quiz creator.

Offline Quizzes

You can download any quiz made on Complete Maths as a PDF. Results can still be entered on to the system to include them in our powerful analytics.

Tutorial Videos

Instructional videos have been tagged to all of our granules of mathematics, giving pupils an easy starting point for independent learning.

Digital Manipulatives

We have a host of digital manipulatives inside the platform. Including a digital geoboard and manipulatives exploring analogue time and division.

Scheme of Work Library

Complete Mathematics contains a full scheme covering every lesson, which most users follow. But you can also personalise the scheme to match your own. Many schools have done so and choose to share their bespoke versions.

Timetable Planner

Quickly view your lesson planning progress on our timetable view.

Shared Classes

Easily view what your colleague is planning to teach your shared class or choose to collaborate and co-plan together.

Bespoke Scheme Creation

Already have a scheme that works? You can take your existing scheme and map it to the Complete Mathematics curriculum to gain an enormous amount of additional supporting materials.